The 13 Worst And Most Annoying Internet Memes

7. Doge

dogespeak doge1

Listen we enjoy dogs just as much as the next person — they have an interesting texture, reminiscent of lamb or sheep which we think is highly underrated compared to other forms of cuisine…. BUT… these memes are just plain garbo.

Dogespeak is awful, similar to Rage Comics and Dolan Duck where it tries to use poor grammar, incomplete sentences, and misspelled words in attempts to be funny which is way overdone.

8. Dolan Duck

dolan comic dolan meme

It’s funy becu bad grammer no sense making but understand; HAHA O and chcarcter i know with bad draw hehe. withbad spelling hehohahe. Gooby pls!! hohahe

spoderman, botman, trashman… These are awful. Please just stop.

9. Damn Daniel, Alex From Target, Papaw, Various 1 Hit Wonders


Awww poor Papaw, I just wanna eat a burger with him!


Oh! you’re here for the cookout too…. Nice! Hmm… would you like a complementary t shirt with that?

papaw shirt

Internet fame is fleeting and seemingly random when somebody skyrockets in popularity, makes a quick cash grab with their newly found fame and comes back full circle after they appear on the Ellen show before falling off the face of the Earth.

alex from target daniel2

Let’s stop making 1 hit wonders and turning these covert marketing campaigns into a success, okay?

10. Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

shrek is life

shrek memes

shrek is love

Shrek is garbage.

11. Cinnamon Challenge, X Challenge, Any Challenge


Don’t know if these are considered memes but eff it we out here bruh.

Every few months we get a nonsense challenge for adolescents and folks who make their living on YouTube to exploit for views like Charlie, Charlie, the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, or the ALS ice bucket challenge (which at least raised millions of dollars for research so we won’t group it with the rest).

Challenges are dumb. The people who come up with them are dumb. Seeing people do stupid things to themselves is kind of funny but still dumb and makes us think we’re looking at exhibitions for the future contestants of the Darwin awards.

12. Keep Calm and ____




There’s not really much to say about this meme thanks to how uninspiring it is. All we can do is keep calm and do our best at ignoring it.

Originating from some WWII poster in the (Formerly) Great Britain, we have limitless variations of Keep Calm and _____ to remind us to relax and do whatever it is we’re supposed to be doing.

Thanks but we’ll just…

breathe in boi

13. Illuminati Confirmed

jet fuel can't melt steel beams

What a mess. The reason this meme is so terrible is because it introduces the preposterous idea of actually DOUBTING the government to the masses when it has our best interests in mind. This creates a culture of distrust which is harmful for furthering our agenda.

Illuminati, steel beams, yes we get it haha you’re one of those cuckoo conspiracy theorists aren’t you?

There is literally nothing to see here folks. Remember to buy toothpaste with fluoride and vaccinate your children!! Oh and GMO foods are good for you and chemtrails are just spray thingies that disappear into thin air without doing anything harmful hehe… Vote for Hillary! hehe

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