“I Am $93,000 In Debt, Severely Depressed, And It’s All Your Fault”

A Light At The End of The Tunnel

I’ve decided to tell my mother to begin working overtime on Saturdays so I can continue painting and kickstart my art career. Art supplies quickly add up in the expense column (I recommend everyone keep a daily budget) especially if you want to work with quality tools.

I’m also going to be training in CS:GO daily with my team. Once we win some prize tourney money I’ll invest it back into my art career.

Still, this in itself is an uphill battle.

I can’t afford an Xbox One or a PS4 so I can’t relax playing the newest games in my downtime when I’m recovering from scrimmaging rival teams. Heck, I can’t even watch sports because I don’t have cable TV. I’m stuck in the past. I live on a different timeline because I’m so poor. I can’t afford to live in the present.

My TV isn’t even a flat screen, It’s a CRTV. They don’t even make these anymore.


My rug is ugly.

ugly rug

I had to buy Z11 Turtle Beaches which are 5 years outdated because my old X11s broke. I’m already competing online at a disadvantage because they have $100 headsets and better PCs. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Unfortunately, this is a trend which has been continuing for decades as wealth distribution is at an all time high.

wealth inequality usa

My life has no more joy.

Gone are the days I would wake up and play Runescape with my middle school friends. Gone are the days I would spend a day at the beach or attend a festive carnival. Gone are the days I would go to the park and trade Pokemon cards or duel in Yu-Gi-Oh.

What they don’t tell you when you’re young is that life basically ends after high school.

I feel the full weight of the world pressing down on me, crushing my dignity like a crumpled ball of scrap paper.

I even gained some hope after reading an AskReddit post (wish I could find it but I have a sea of motivational videos and articles bookmarked).

It filled me with confidence.

I was ready to awaken the next morning full of energy.

But then when I woke up I had a sore neck and couldn’t find my running shoes so I figured might as well look for them later. Well one thing turned to the next and basically I spent the day streaming shows online. At least I trained with my CS:GO team in the evening and got something productive done.

In the meantime I am struggling and have to hear presidential candidate after presidential candidate promise me the American Dream when they are completely out of touch with the average person and have no idea how hard it is for us to even survive.

Here are some more charts backed by science:


I’m afraid our only hope will be to vote for Sanders.

We need free college. If Switzerland and Germany can do it why not us?

If we don’t turn this around America will turn into a 3rd world country within the next decade.

Down the the public education system complex

Down with the corrupt politicians ruining the country.

Down with the greedy bankers.

Down with incompetent Boomers who refuse to retire and are incapable of recognizing talent.

We are the 99%.