Red Flags For Guys: 25 Warning Signs Women Need To Look Out For

6. He’s Not Self-Employed


I can’t imagine the type of man who would be complacent with having another man or woman be responsible for his paycheck or have the power to take away his livelihood.

Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash was right, if you have a boss you might as well call him daddy. How embarrassing.

7. He’s Interested In International Politics / Economics / History

boring hobbies

Boring interests = boring person. I remember when I took macroeconomics back in college, that class was a snoozefest so I can only imagine the type of person who takes an active interest in it (because I don’t date them).

If he’s into world politics that means he’s concerned with that which doesn’t concern him. He’ll be running errands for the neighbors and dive into polluted rivers to retrieve discarded plastic but won’t have enough time to take out the trash.

History is another red flag. Whatever happened in the past happened. He should be looking forward to a blossoming relationship with his new girlfriend, not be concerned with the type of utensils Genghis Khan’s army dined with in the 1400s.

Avoid all three of these.

8. He Has Less Than 900 Friends On Facebook


Original Photo Credit: Brian Solis // CC By 2.0

I read a really fascinating article about how people not on Facebook are psychopaths and should be treated as very suspicious. Slash Dot, even went as far to say “Not having a Facebook account could be the first sign that you are a mass murderer.”  Makes sense to me.

But psychopaths may have caught on by now and created accounts to throw people off guard so make sure they at least have a decent amount of friends backing them up. You’ll be thanking me later for this one.

9. He Didn’t Go To His High School Prom


If he was MIA for prom you can bet a million dollars there’s something off about him. Prom is a major developmental milestone in any young human’s life, and he missed it which means it is highly likely he is socially maladjusted.

He’s probably putting on a charade to fool you and it might be working but when that mask comes off you’ll see the real him and you won’t like it.

10. He Unironically Enjoys Watching Superhero Movies


Yet another favorite pastime of manchildren around the globe.

Why is he watching superhero movies and living through them vicariously instead of being a superhero himself?

This is a sign he’s a spectator in life, always cheering from the sidelines instead of going out and doing something great for himself.