Red Flags For Guys: 25 Warning Signs Women Need To Look Out For

11. He Eats GMO Food


You want your significant other to live an active lifestyle and be healthy right?

Well going to the gym every now and then might be a good sign but if he’s downing Monsanto meals like Kobayashi in front of a hot dog stand then it’s all for naught. This essentially translates to “I don’t really care about my body”.

You’ll be wondering where it all went wrong when you’re pushing him around in a wheelchair in his 40s because he was blissfully unaware and those chemicals or whatever rotted away his insides.

12. He Doesn’t Go Fishing With His Father At Least Once A Year


Family values matter. What kind of man doesn’t spend some quality time fishing with his father every now and then? Or at least attend a family picnic to enjoy a nice weekend in a summer breeze?

This may be a sign of poor parental involvement during his childhood which comes with a host of behavioral problems. Avoid.

13. He Describes Himself As Agnostic


You have to read in between the lines with this one here.

Agnostic is the new atheist and it’s codeword for indecisive which means he’ll be asking you where you want to eat all the time and you’ll be hearing the phrase “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” more than you can bare.

14. He Describes Himself As Frugal

0 dollar bill

Frugal is another codeword, this time for cheapskate. Don’t be surprised when he has you scavenging the woods collecting sticks in the middle of December in order to heat your home because it’s more “economical”.

You really have to keep an eye out and quickly identify red flag adjectives he uses when talking about himself.

15. He Can’t Start A Fire With Just 2 Stones

fire skills

Civilization is great and all but it hasn’t always been around you know and it’s not a guarantee it’ll be around tomorrow.

If he can’t start a fire by banging two rocks together he won’t survive a day in nature and is severely lacking in the survival skills department.