Red Flags For Guys: 25 Warning Signs Women Need To Look Out For

16. He Doesn’t Have A Driver’s License


It goes without saying but still, if worst comes to worst what would happen if some thief stole your purse and high-tailed it in a car while you’re stuck with “Mr. No Driver’s License” whose fumbling around in his pocket so he can pull out his phone and dial 911 instead of chasing him down?

Besides reality isn’t a game of Crazy Taxi, if anything he should be the one driving you. This one screams deadbeat and irresponsible.

17. He Drives A Pickup


Pickup trucks are okay if you’re a cowboy from Oklahoma or trekking the Oregon Trail but for the rest of us, they’re like a giant sign that says “I’ve fallen prey to corporate advertising and actually believe my F-150 makes me more manly”. Either that or he’s blue collar barely making ends meet. Next please.

18. He Can’t Do Basic Car Maintenance


Good luck when you’re trapped in the scorching hot deserts of Arizona during one of your family cross country road trips after your car breaks down and he looks at you for what to do next with a clueless expression on his face.

19. He Wears Camo Shorts

Shorts are for teenagers. Camo shorts are for guys who role play as military operatives and play too much Call of Duty (see #1 of this list).

Take my word, these are official apparel of what we call “fuccbois” around the world. If you see somebody with the black tee, camo shorts, and Jordan’s trifecta keep your distance.

20. He Plays Chess Against The A.I.


Playing chess is better than him decaying in front of a television screen but take note if he only plays against the A.I.

He’s sunken into the safety of his comfort zone and is afraid to see what he’s really made of. This could be a sign he’s not willing to put himself out there and won’t take risks to move up the ladder of life.