Red Flags For Guys: 25 Warning Signs Women Need To Look Out For

21. He Uses Imperial Units To Measure Temperature


Ever since my 2 week backpacking trip through the Alps, I realized that the Europeans were on to something with this Celsius business of theirs.

0° C for freezing temperature makes more sense, 32° F is just some random number. That said, imperial units are still better for weight and distance so make sure he isn’t screwing those up either.

22. He Isn’t Photogenic


If he doesn’t look good in photos, each picture the two of you take together is a risk and could be the one that sinks your Instagram reputation like the Bismarck.

Also look out for men who overcompensate with a beard in order to hide a weak jaw or a retruded chin. You’ll be in for a surprise when he shaves. No gimmicks or magic tricks. If he isn’t good looking without a beard then he isn’t good looking PERIOD.

23. He Uses A Desktop Computer

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It’s 2016. If a laptop, tablet, or smart phone isn’t his preferred method of browsing the internet or getting things done he may be stuck in the past or be carrying leftover emotional baggage from the days this was still acceptable.

This is a sign he’s slow to adapt to changing environments so don’t expect to go travelling with him and have a good time. Simply unacceptable in today’s day and age.

24. He Likes His Steak Well Done


Do you think our ancestors had the luxury of cooking a steak until it was well done? No they just started eating it after a few seconds over the fire because that saber tooth tiger could be back at any minute.

Expect to see the waiter chuckling to himself as he goes back to deliver your order and your date embarrassing the two of you when the cooking staff hears about it.

25. He Has A Mustache



There you have it. 25 red flags for men ALL women need to look out for especially early in a relationship. Share this with your BFFs so they won’t fall for any of these either.