Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Series Fights

Honorable Mentions

Piccolo vs. Android 17

Before it became the “Goku and Vegeta” show (we’re looking at you DB Super) we actually had a chance to see the other Z fighters hold their own against worthy opponents (even if they did eventually get crushed).

Seriously what’s going on Toriyama? Where’s Piccolo at nowadays? Gohan? Can we get them a power boost or something?

Really though, we’re glad we got to see Piccolo doing back flips with some impressive fight choreography against Android 17 before Cell came along and ruined the party.

Goku & Vegeta vs. Janemba

Janemba may not be the most iconic villain in a series filled to the brim with iconic villains but we can’t deny he has one of the better character designs and fought a pretty cool fight in Fusion Reborn.

Goku almost gets trashed as a SSJ3 before Vegeta comes along to help and we get to see them fuse into Gogeta which quickly disposes of Janemba like he was a tissue. Bonus points for the fat Gogeta sequence.

Future Gohan & Trunks vs Androids 17 & 18

In a bleak, alternate universe everyone but Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma are gone. The Androids run lose wreaking havoc while Gohan trains fellow half-Saiyan Trunks to defeat them. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen.

Even though Gohan loses an arm in their first encounter he still continues to valiantly fight back against 2 foes simply too strong for him. After he dies, Trunks finds his dead body which becomes the catalyst for his transformation into a super Saiyan — one of the most emotional scenes in all of Dragon Ball.

Mystic Gohan vs Super Buu

Gohan at his strongest in the original Z series. A foe even stronger than Perfect Cell. Should be a satisfying fight right?

Not so fast common sense.

The fight sequences themselves were great and this would have made it into the top 10 if it didn’t end on such an anti-climactic note. Gohan’s poor situational awareness gets himself transformed into pink goo…… come on Gohan.

Lord Beerus vs SS God Goku

Goku’s series long transformation from fighting measly human martial artists in the original Dragon Ball, to battling the God of Destruction in outer space as a Super Saiyan God makes us really appreciate how far he’s come.

The space sequence had one of the most intense Kamehameha’s we’ve seen yet, with Beerus forcing Goku to elevate to a level far beyond his previous limit and even though that still wasn’t enough, we got to see an impressive fight with Goku testing his new powers.

So now that we got those out of the way let’s take a look at the fights that made our top 10.