Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Series Fights

#10 Goku vs. Piccolo (World Tournament)

The original Dragon Ball may have been eclipsed in terms of its fighting sequences by Z, the movies, and even Super but the original Piccolo Jr. vs Goku at the world martial arts tournament still holds up very well.

Memorable moments include Piccolo’s transformation into a giant, Goku rescuing Kami from the swallowed bottle, Piccolo’s beam that shot straight through Goku’s chest, and Goku fighting with crippled arms and legs in a closely fought battle that ends with a callback to King Piccolo’s defeat by a headbutt to knock him out of the ring boundary which had since been reduced to rubble by the hour plus long fight.

#9 Trunks vs. Frieza, King Cold, & Company

The ultimate cool fight. Trunks washed Frieza and his goons pretty handedly but if you want to talk about cool, this was one of THE coolest fights in the entire Dragon Ball series.

Sure it wasn’t really as close a match as the others on this list, nor did it last very long but Trunks swinging his sword around like a samurai in that purple jacket made this fight one of the most memorable in all of Z.  Remember, at the time it was still a mystery who Trunks was and the fact he was a Super Saiyan (which Vegeta still hadn’t yet achieved) and defeated Frieza so easily after it took Goku nearly 20 episodes only made us more intrigued at his background.

#8 Goku & Vegeta vs. Meta-Cooler


Here we get to see the two Saiyans team up again, this time against a foe Goku thought he had already defeated during the first Cooler movie. In The Return of Cooler, Goku and Vegeta fight a new and improved Cooler with a metallic body who can instantly repair his injuries.

Eventually the duo are captured and attempted at being harvested to power an army of Meta-Cooler clones. Of course Vegeta isn’t having any of that who slices one of Cooler’s arms off to free up Goku who was caught in his grips who then fires an energy blast to destroy Cooler’s core and finish him for good.

Just before Vegeta cuts off the arm we get this nice exchange between Cooler and Goku:

“It’s just as I told you from the start…. You can’t win!”

“Even if that’s true (Goku while in agony), every breath in my body will be spent trying!”

Why does anyone ever doubt Goku?