Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Series Fights

#4 Goku & Vegeta vs. Kid Buu

So the Buu saga might not be as well done as the Cell, Android, or Frieza sagas but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some amazing fights. The stakes have never been higher in a battle that takes us from the Earth all the way to Other World.

Kid Buu desotryed pretty much everyone he fought (and that was pretty much everyone). Gohan at his strongest, Piccolo, the fat Majin Buu, Gotenks, even a Vegito transformation wasn’t enough.

So how do you beat a ruthless villain who never gets weaker or tired of fighting? We needed SSJ3 Goku and Vegeta giving it their all and at the brink of defeat before the people of Earth granted their powers to defeat Buu in a massive Spirit Bomb that nearly tears the Kai’s planet apart. The last grand fight in DBZ and it was a satisfying and memorable ending to the series.

#3 Goku, Gohan, Krillin, & Yagirobe vs. Vegeta

This fight was incredible.

It was one which featured unlikely heroes from Yagirobe cutting off Vegeta’s tail and saving Goku from getting crushed by his hands while in Great Ape form, to Krillin sending out Destructo Discs and launching a spirit bomb at Vegeta which was dodged but deflected back by Gohan to send Vegeta flying into the sky.

It was one which featured intense action from Goku pushing himself to the brink of self-destruction by powering up with a Kaikoken x4 to counter Vegeta’s Galick Gun with a Kamehameha, to Gohan taking a severe beating while dodging Ki Blasts and getting tossed around like a frisbee.

It was also a fight which featured drama. With the opportunity to kill Vegeta, Goku tells Krillin to spare his life and let him get away, showing his characteristic mercy towards enemies — even enemies that killed his own friends.

All of these moments made it one of the best fights in the entire Dragon Ball series.

#2 Goku vs. Frieza

The most iconic fight in the series and the longest one in anime history. Spanning almost 20 episodes — including the infamous “5 minutes before the planet blows up” which took 8 episodes before it actually happened — this was the fight that forever hooked so many of us to the Dragon Ball series as diehards for life.

Seeing Goku go Super Saiyan for the first time after the death of his friend Krillin, seeing Goku get revenge on behalf of Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race, seeing him fight the most formidable foe yet with a power level over a million and go toe to toe on a collapsing planet Namek only made the stakes so much higher and the ending so much more satisfying.

Frieza rejected Goku’s mercy, and with that, his pride became his downfall as he would eventually bring his own demise by one of his own attacks hitting him while off guard. Goku barely escaped, and Frieza survived to fight another day in what would eventually become a rematch but it was the first Goku vs Frieza fight that will always be the best.