The 13 Worst And Most Annoying Internet Memes

worst memes ever


Unless your village just recently acquired WiFi access and a stable source of electricity, you’ve probably realized that this internet thing spews out memes like a factory and that similar to a rogue dictatorship, we’re at its mercy by having to take the good that comes with the bad.

For every dank meme that hatches from the digital egg of cyberspace we get a dozen cringe worthy embarrassments that quickly become played out and lose any semblance of humor they may have had.

So here are 13 of the least funny, unimaginative, annoying, and just plain garbage-tier memes.

If you use any of these unironically please re-evaluate everything in your life.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list by any means.

1. Darude – Sandstorm

darude sandstorm meme

A wise man once said scientists study the Youtube comments section to see if humans really still are the most intelligent species on the planet.

A quick browse through will really make you wonder.

Listen, sometimes people just want to know what the damn song is okay? Enough of this.

Maybe this could kinda be funny if the person getting trolled is completely clueless and falls for it with some noteworthy reaction but most people are aware of it by now so what’s the point?

This is a lazy form of trolling like a modern day Rick Roll that’s become completely played out. We can do better than this.

2. The “Dress”

the dress meme

Coupled with the 2 llamas breaking out back in February of 2015, this meme may have been the low-point of the internet.

Black and blue? Or white and gold?

Thankfully, we had thought leaders Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift chime in to offer their expert opinions:

the dress debate

It also got the pseudo-scientists and amateur philosophers out by the droves which made for entertaining reading as they tried to explain it away:

the dress explained

the dress explanation

3. Advice Animals / Generic Image Macros

worst memes of all time

Trash beyond trash. Cliche top text, bottom text templates featuring various “personalities” that follow a theme of some sort (e.g “Good Guy Greg” or “Socially Awkward Penguin”) that’s supposed to be relatable so you share with your friends on Facebook or on Reddit for le upboats, amirite?

The worst offenders are the advice animals series with the colorful background spirals and le funny or cute animal face in the center.

most annoying memes

These were maybe OK 6-7 years ago but have become severely outdated. Please do not post or create these ever.

4. Rage Comics

rage comic meme worst memes ever

Wow this is feeling like Reddit circa 2011 here.

Rage comics feature a poorly drawn cast of characters like Y U NO, me gusta, FUUUU man, le derpina etc. which are used to express rage worthy situations when more accurately they express cringe worthy attempts at humor.

These were once okay but similar to advice animals, the problem they face is that memes and their sophistication hidden underneath multiple layers of meta-irony has advanced so far beyond archaic forms of internet humor that using rage comic characters anytime nowadays in 2016, year of the lord, just seems wrong.

Rage comics had their day and are currently on life support but they’re awful and should be completely discontinued.

5. someEcards



Littered throughout the Facebook Feeds of your buddies who never left the town they graduated high school from, we literally feel second hand embarrassment for the people who post these cards so strong we sometimes look in the mirror and blink a few times in confusion as if we posted them ourselves.


Yes you are so different from everybody else. Haha let us guess you’re a cynical, highly intelligent person with anti-social tendencies and a wicked sense of humor huh.

Please do not ruin your dignity and post someEcards unless you’re a technologically challenged middle aged mom with a younger daughter who plays softball recreationally on the weekends whom you cheer on after the grocery shopping is finished and the house tidied up before your mother in law comes to visit your suburban home in Zanesville, Ohio aka just don’t do it.

6. Despicable Me Minions


Another staple of the clueless Facebook demographic, the minions from Despicable Me are supposed to be cute and maybe originally they were but now they are among the most annoying internet memes because you still see them around everywhere now with “minion quotes” attached.


Unless you enjoy playing Russian Roulette with your reputation, please refrain from posting minions and get some taste in your memes.

The only acceptable use is when they are used ironically but even then only a skilled meme magician can wield the minions with any finesse.

If you post or retweet Buzzfeed articles for your timeline this is not you.

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