“I Am $93,000 In Debt, Severely Depressed, And It’s All Your Fault”

Confucius was right.

Life is nothing but an endless cycle of pain and suffering.

Even though not every person gets dealt the same hand — some are born with systemic advantages over others in the form of “privileges” (i.e. social programs that only help women, affirmative action benefiting everyone but Caucasians, etc.) — the sensation of suffering persists for all.

Despite this reality, it is an undeniable fact that a specific cohort of this country’s population suffers more than the rest.

It is my generation, the hard working, “keep their heads down and never get thanked” folks born between the years of around 1990 or so and the early 2000s. The millennials.

Blessed with the sensitive soul of an artist, I will use my talents to expose the inner depths of my aching pain for all to witness.

It is a shared pain, and it is one which shall make you weep in shame at how I have been treated.

The Beginning of My End

It all started my junior year of college.

A little background, I studied Russian literature and the fine arts because those are my passions.

I love reading Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov (the list goes on…), and I enjoy creating art.

eye painting

blue cylinders painting

real art

Check out how I made this work of art here.

These are just a few of my best paintings. I’ve had my work compared to Da Vinci and a young Michaelangelo.

Anyways, I attended an out of state university because I decided straight off the bat there was no way I was going to a community college (aka 13th grade for dumb kids). That would be an insult to my intelligence and I wanted to get away from my mom who kept nagging me about various things.

I wanted that full campus experience and to make the most of my college years since I was told they would be the best years of your life.

And for the most part I succeeded. I had a grand time. I met new people, contracted a few diseases, and even got arrested a couple times. Acquiring life experiences is essential for any developing human being. My time in college was a period of self-discovery and in this department I succeeded.

The problem is that I’m now broke.

My life started spiraling out of control when I realized I only had about $4000 left in my bank account (student loans… thanks a lot Obama). Half of that will go towards art supplies. The other half is what I have to live on until my sister becomes old enough to work.

student loan debt

The problem is that tuition is absolutely ridiculous and it seems like companies nowadays are downright stubborn when it comes to hiring fresh college graduates.

They’d rather hire someone older with “experience” (and an outdated education mind you). Things change a lot in 20-30 years. Heck, 30 years ago people thought the only genders were male and female. Then we discovered 50 new pronouns in just the past few years. It’s crazy out here.

But I digress.

After I graduated I filled out like 10 job applications and got 0 replies.

That’s right 0.



Z   E   R  O




No one hired me. No one even contacted me. The Greeks would be ashamed of us if they saw how we treated the well-educated.

Speaking of which, if I had been born in Ancient Greece, my education would have put me on the same level as Aristotle and Plato. They actually valued the humanities and the arts. 

I was simply born too late to succeed.

Then people have the nerve to tell me to get whatever job I can.

What am I gonna do, work as some no-name “yes sir” employee shoveling dirt at some dead end job?

Sorry but I was taught to never settle so it aint happening.

I have a university education and a degree. I deserve more money.

That is why I am ashamed to admit I had to eventually cave and get a part time job at a local fast food place (which I have since been fired from for “being confrontational with other employees”… what BS). 

And instead of helping us out the Boomers make fun of us, giving us a bad reputation making it even harder to get a job.

I just can’t get a break.

To make matters even worse, the increased stress of the debt is causing my health to slowly deteriorate because I can’t seem to stop gaining weight.

Binge eating food is one of the only sources of comfort in my life. I have ballooned 45 pounds the past couple of months from a healthy 215 to almost 260.

My tumblr followers have also noted that my posts and reblogs have become more dark and disturbing.

I feel I’m at the edge and all I need’s a strong breeze to push me into the wind.

life is a nightmare

I blame the government for not making college more affordable.

I blame society for conditioning us to accept this as the norm.

I blame my parents for being stuck in the past and telling me all I needed to do was get a degree and I’d be set for life.

I blame my friends for peer pressuring me into following the wrong path.

I blame our culture for deeming you a failure if you don’t go to college.

I blame the education system for being slow to evolve to the demands of modern society.

I blame the greedy Wall Street Bankers for stealing money from the honest, hard-working folk, putting us further into debt.

And I blame you for not doing more to get us out of the mess we’re in.

Yes, if you are a citizen of the United States, you are also to blame. It’s time more people took responsibility for the mess we’re in.

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