Hi there.

In case you were wondering yes, this site is 100% serious (if you couldn’t already tell from the domain name).

Remember, everything you see and read on the internet is real so why would you dare doubt the authenticity of the content produced by our award-winning team of journalists?

It’s not like we just write these articles to rile people up, satirize life in the 21st century and our culture of decadence or exaggerate the flaws of group think and conventional wisdom by portraying various archetypes you may come to meet in real life or on the internet at their most outrageous by playing up to their stereotypes jeez…

the gawdess

Okay let’s get serious.


smhfam.com is an experimental, comedy based viral site with a simple goal:

To create Original Content for the Internet Generation™

It’s for those of us dedicated to a waifu, who were raised on the internet spending their teenage years browsing imageboards and obscure online forums, suffer from crippling depression, display anti-social tendencies (much to the dismay of our parents), and enjoy the dankest of dank memes.

Everything written is intended to outrage, humor, and/or make you think.

Keep in mind we have a minimum IQ requirement of 115 to read the site. Please do not access this site otherwise.