Attention Manchildren: It’s Time To Put Down The Controller And Pick Up A Job

It has been exactly 11 days since I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend.

No, I didn’t dump him because of infidelity, habitual lying, irrational anger outbursts, or any of the other destructive male pastimes our mothers and grandmothers had to deal with.

We broke up thanks to a new modern day disease plaguing the male population of our species. A persistent virus which unfortunately infects most of them at a young age and keeps them in a perpetual state of adolescence.

We broke up thanks to video games.

The modern breed of young adult men (also colloquially known as “fuccbois”) are all so hopelessly addicted to video games that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a respectable and attractive young lady like myself (not to toot my own horn but it’s true) to find a man suitable for a long-term relationship let alone marriage.

I’ll admit I was a little more forgiving when I was younger with how my significant others spent their time but now that I’m more mature and looking to settle down after going through some “growing pains” in my younger years it has become a nightmare.

gamer sad

A “pro” gamer after a loss. If you don’t cringe when you see this pic you’re part of the problem.

Where are the REAL men who look after their woman and spend their days at work to support their families so they don’t have to beg for scraps on the sidewalk? So we don’t have to ask the neighbors to drive us to work or send our future kids on a pity trip going door to door begging for food because we can’t afford our own?

The thought of it sends a shiver down my spine.

I remember listening to my grandmother as a young girl tell me stories about my grandfather. He served in the armed forces during WWII and suffered with PTSD for the majority of his life.

She told me how after the war he worked at a local factory 14 hours a day for nearly 2 and a half decades. He stood next to an assembly line all day working with his hands and had a 30 min. lunch break at noon. They lived in a small, quiet town where each day felt the same as the one before.

Still he wasn’t perfect. He got home late and was so depressed he would drink himself to sleep most nights often completely ignoring her (she was surprisingly forgiving towards his alcoholism). He died of a heart attack at age 59, bless his heart.

Where are THOSE kinds of men? The men dedicated to their families and willing to work for a better future?

Thinking back to her stories and this recent experience of mine has led me to a startling conclusion:

I was born in the wrong generation.

No seriously.

If men were still men these lost souls who waste time and money on children’s games past the age of 12 would be shunned and stuffed into lockers to be made examples of.

The problem is men don’t want to be held accountable anymore or take responsibility for their actions.

A perfect example was my ex-boyfriend.

The final straw between us was when I stopped by one night after work to find him mouth agape, sitting alone in a dark room staring at the screen like a zombie clicking away at those buttons as if money were shooting out into the room.

I knew exactly what was going on. It was another one of those online tournaments he claims to “compete” in.

I had enough. I ripped the plug out of the socket and told him he needed to get a job. No, not a “part time at Wendy’s” type of job but a REAL job with a 401k and benefits.

Explaining this to him was like the Indians seeing Columbus’s ships for the first time. He had no idea what was going on.

Keep in mind, people like him are spending hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on video games instead of their families and significant others. Can you say neglect? How about abuse? Women’s rights haven’t come this far for us to be relegated to the background as afterthoughts.

If you prefer playing video games over taking care of your girl you’re basically saying women should have no rights. Think about that for a second. Then look up today’s date and come back to me.

Anyways I find the name itself — eSports — to be laughable. eSports are just as much of a sport as fly fishing or chess aka not at all. They are better classified as “activities” or “time wasters”. Don’t call yourself a man if you play pretend that you’re “competing” online against others in children’s games instead of treating your girl like a queen.

Case and point:

Are these really the people you want to emulate?




Is this what the modern athlete looks like? “But Twitch streamers make a lot of money. I promise!”

pro gamer rage

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