Music Web Site Reviews and Rankings

Hello my name is the Bilo. This is firs writing for english post. Thank You!

So ive browsed various music forum discussion places on the internet for conversation about new music. I like sharing with other people who like music like mine like to listen to.

First thing first I check out the Needle drop because I hear a good reputation for “man with many names”. NeedleDrop is an operation made by Anthony Fantano who is similar to shapeshifter, transforming personality at will and names for different videos and cal chuesta who I think is roommate or servant.

Anyways, I watch the popular review for “Classics” week for a band called “Joy Division”. I know, I know. “golden age” music. But anthony is a nice personality so I listen because he gave a good review. Anthony makes a lot of good opinions on the review, saying “this is good” , “listen to this” so I think to myself okay im going to listen to Joy Division.bully fantano

I type Joy division in search bar and click “Day of the Lords- Joy division” it was a decent song because it had nice sounds but I didnt like the ending when the singer scream “When will it end” because I think it is making fun of anguish experience by mental patients. Like when you watch a scary movie about an asylum and scared people trapped yell “When will it End” This is a serious issue I hope joy division address in interview form because mental illness is real as much as physical injury.

It made me uncomfortable so I think okay, I cant trust Anthony. The clever personality is like Machiavelli – reel you in to use you for views and likes and then spit you out. Common tactic by youtube veterans.

crazy fantanoNext up I go to the page for popular channel “Dead End Hip Hop”. I like this format because its like talk show, roundtable discussion. smart people give their views and are well expressed. I especially like the man with code name “Myke C-Town” because he is like a good guy with good music opinion I think. Very well expressed so audience gets good insight into his music. The genre discussed is Hip Hop which means good music. I watched a couple of videos and the music was cool.


Overall good channel except I was little bit confused at the end because I thought USA makes it illegal for so many Godiva people to be in one place since popular killing on CNN my cousin told me about but maybe this is the urban legend

myke c town

Very energetic man. Good for music reviews because transfers feeling of music.

reddit music


SO next I went on popular site and was very disappointed by so many posts that had guitar music on. Now I like nice sound of string with spanish guitar but this music is from what some people I heard call the “golden age”. Very old music with traditional instrument like guitar. HOLD ON. Guitar? Yes guitar. I know you think “haha dumbo” no im serious. Like when there is jukebox in senior citizen center. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Kurt Cobain, The Floyds, the Raymond, I dont know very confusing. Because I think we live in year 2016 AD not 1965 BC you know what I mean in this situation?

When henry ford asked by a person what you will want to make, Mr. Ford said if I asked by people they’ll tell me faster horse. This is a very good metaphor for reddit/r/music. People don’t know what they want I think. Reddit is broken I thought. So I went to another popular music place for engaging music conversation. Because music is passion, my life. I cant live without music. So I go to my google chrome and type I heard from /mu in youtube comment section when I was doing research. I type mu and I click that web site.

4chan mu

Anyways I like the more content on mu with the pictures easy to click. I was part time naughty though I admit I click on korean girls watch their thighs for excitement. Next I click on “death grips” thread (Ill make discussion next time) and then click on “Hip-Hop General”. NICEE. Good music like experimental Godiva britney spears, Mr. kanye west. I think NICEE for modern what some people call millenial generation. Next I clicked on “sharethread” and discover illegal operation. I dont known if I type this or not but ill be safe and not type. Overall I think mu is good. Very addicting

rate your music

Next I go to a website call “Ratemymusic”. Web site design in prototype version photoshop. Anyways, lots of lists and angry reviews by amature bloggers. I notice good albums with bad reviews. I check top albums to see what these people like This what I see

top music


Blood pressure rise like kill death ratio on December 26. Very painful I see this now. It makes me think how this generation is doomed. Because so many teenagers made by brainwash and think “old music” = good new music = bad. Bobby Dylan = hurray. Childish Gambino = boo. What is this? I cant believe sometime. I read a conspiracy on youtube that jewish race is responasable but I must do more investigation.

p4k logo

Next stop pitchfork. I go on web site and dont see discussion but they have reviews. Okay I think I can read. But I dont know any musicians they review. Where is the popular hits? Where is good music to feel good? I dont know. Web site is confusing but also boring like when I watch overrated show call “Death Note”. I hear good reputation for the pitchfork (“p4k”) but it do not meet the expectations. I yawn and click X.

sputnik music

Next up Im going to talk about “sputnik music”. First I dont get a very good impression because of the name sputnik reminds me of golden age russia with communist leaders Mr. Marx and sidekick Stalin but I think “You must stay objective” so I dont get a bad impression of “sputnik”. When I got over initial anger I realized there isn’t interesting content to discuss. Site is just boring remind me a little bit of pitchfork. I realize “sputnik” is like BEWARE headline for article to scare people. Its like they want people to make an opinion like Oh I like russia or Oh I dont like russia so then they click on headline and share with friends instead of serious views on music discussion. I stepped to the side so I saw it clearly there intention. I cant give a good review but I cant give bad either.

piero scrauffi

Finally we have by full time journalist Pierre Scaruffi. Let me say this thing. If you think Rate MyMusic is bad choice for design you should click on this web site. Very bad deisgn and there is a scared baby at top of page maybe see “child abuse” at foster homes. I dont know this feeling Pierre wants me to have but so far not so good.

I scroll down past rock and jazz to “other genres” for hip hop ( funny joke?) and click “History of Hip Hop” next I click best hip hop albums of all time to see what this journalist likes. I see the list and think “okay he likes a good genre but the older people songs. I cant make an excuse for him some people are stuck in the past. Not his fault. we just need to progress and invest more in education at public level. ok enough music for today I think.

Final Review

NeedleDrop– 3.75/5 close but far

Dead End Hip Hop– 4/5- like “The View”

reddit 1.5/5- nice list but bad choices

4chan 4.5/5- make me happy

RYM 2/5- looks like my cousin made site

pitchfork– where is roseeta stone?

sputnik– 2.5/5 switzerland website with russian flavor

scruffi– 3.25/5 time machine man
That is finale of music web sites reviews. If you like this article please like it.