Red Flags For Guys: 25 Warning Signs Women Need To Look Out For

red flags for guys

Surfing the dating waters can be dangerous ladies. Sure there are plenty of fish in the sea but that majestic marlin you’ve been eyeing from the distance may in fact be nothing but a clever goldfish in an elaborate costume.

To make sure you aren’t wasting your time, look out for these dating red flags early in the relationship before you commit for the long-term. Most men are scum and you’ll at least save yourself the headache of having to take out the trash later down the road.

Trust me, as a former single mother whose seen it all, I am well qualified to identify the warning signs.

We’ll begin by getting some of the more obvious out of the way.

1. He Plays Video Games


Major red flag. I’ve already written an in-depth piece on the epidemic of manchildren addicted to video games which is essential reading so check that out.

Thousands of dollars down the drain funding his escapist hobby instead of moving the two of you into a nicer neighborhood or saving up to send his future kids to private school? Avoid at all costs.

2. He Watches Anime


Another classic manchild hobby. Nothing screams “I never grew up” like a Peter Pan disciple watching children’s cartoons anytime past the age of 12.

You’ll always be second place to his make believe “waifu” and the fact that it’s Japaenese media suggests he’s easily manipulated by foreign influences. He’ll snap if he ever gets questioned under pressure. Do not bother with these people.

3. He Brushes His Teeth Before Flossing


Everyone knows you’re supposed to brush AFTER flossing in order to loosen up the plague in between your teeth which then gets brushed away.

Oral hygiene is pretty simple so if he can’t even get this right I wouldn’t trust him with getting the Xmas Tree set up or lighting a candle without the house catching on fire either.

4. He Earns Below Median Income For His City


Most of us shouldn’t be so demanding and expect to date a multi-millionaire but if he’s dancing around the poverty line and doesn’t show any ambition or potential for improvement it makes no sense to stick around.

Men are getting lazier these days and would happily live in a cardboard box if we didn’t say anything about it. Do yourself a favor and do not settle for someone who settles for less.

5. His Hair Conceals His Eyes


The eyes are the window to the soul so if he has his covered what does that say about him? Not home? Come by next time? I’m in a cult and forfeited my soul to a demon?

The only people I see with these kind of hairstyles are those freaks who listen to black metal from Finland, lost souls permanently trapped in the year 2007, and kids who get bullied for fun.

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