Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Series Fights

best dragon ball fights If you’re a fan of anime you may have heard a thing or two about Dragon Ball. You know… the series highly acclaimed for its epic fight scenes which set the standard for the shounen genre and every show which came after it.

Famous for its power level jumps, flashy transformations, and making us believe the louder you scream the stronger you become, we’re celebrating a personal favorite of ours by ranking the top 10 fights in the entire Dragon Ball series (excluding GT which we don’t speak of).

Here are some factors we took into consideration while ranking them:

  • How impressive was the fight choreography?
  • How big were the stakes at hand?
  • Any memorable or significant moments?
  • Did it have the “coolness” factor?

Of course, trying to condense the best Dragon Ball fights into a top 10 list is like trying to fit a large mammal inside of a briefcase — you’re gonna have a hard time.

So before we get into the 10 best fights, here’s a quick look at some honorable mentions which got left out but are worth bringing up.