Top 10 Must Watch Anime Shows of 2016

So earlier in 2016 (good riddance) we created a list of the 10 Must Watch Anime Series at the halfway point of the year. Now that’s the year’s  over and we’ve seen the summer and fall shows, we’ve updated the list and did some reordering around.

Of course, not everyone has the same taste so like last time we’ve made some suggestions as to the type of person who would enjoy watching each show.

Couple more things:

No sequels are included. Strictly original shows. So no Haikyuu or JoJo.

Didn’t include shows that are still currently airing.

Alright, here we go.

New Game

new game anime

The talented group over at Doga Kobo have made a name for themselves creating the cutest of  ute shows based on female characters with an aesthetically appealing design, from Umaru to Yuru Yuri to Plastic Memories, all shows designed with extracting as much cuteness as they possibly can from their characters. New Game is no different, taking a fresh high school graduate (yes she is supposed to be 18…) and putting her at a video game company headed by one of her idols growing up. An enjoyable, visually appealing comedy and slice of life with some suggestively lewd moments.

Watch It If…. You enjoy watching “cute girls do cute things”, Are a NEET fantasizing about being employed


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Here’s what we originally said about Konosuba:

konosuba anime

Our opinion of Konosuba hasn’t changed. One of the more enjoyable shows of the year no doubt.

Watch It If…. Need more Isekai in your life, Want to shut off your brain and just laugh


Sakamoto desu ga

Sakamoto was also featured earlier among our must watch anime shows:

sakamoto anime

Sakamoto ended being the funniest show watched this year. Never takes itself too seriously although there are theories that there’s more than meets the eye…

Watch It If…. You want to enjoy the best comedy of the year.



Here’s what we said about Kiznaiver:

Kizaniver anime

We can’t get enough of how gorgeous Kiznaiver is. While the admittedly our opinion of the story itself did drop, the characters still remain among our favorites. It’s a shame really that such great characters were stuck in a mediocre story line but we’ll take what we can get. Did we mention the show is gorgeous?

Watch It If…. You want to feast on eye candy.

Flip Flappers

flip flappers

What will undoubtedly go down as one of the most underrated shows of the year, Flip Flappers tells the story of Papika and Cocona as they explore the imaginative world of Pure Illusion and search for mysterious crystals. A magical girl duo in a show that awakens that childlike desire for adventure through foreign and strange worlds. Like Kiznaiver, Flip Flappers is also beautifully designed with an aesthetic that while at first strange will grow on you. It’s also an animation highlight reel so if you’re a fan of well-done animation definitely give it a go (episode 3 in particular is very impressive).

Watch It If… You can’t get enough of that Sakuga.