Welcome To The Age of The “Practice GF”. Yes Romance Is Officially Dead

If you needed any more proof love is dead in the 21st century this is it.

What you are about to see below is a mini-guide on “practice gfs” which was originally posted on one of those underground PUA community sites.

PUA stands for “pick up artist” which is really code name for sleazy loser who tries to trick and harass women into liking them.

You might have heard about them as guys like Julien Blanc who basically enacted Neo-Colonialism in Japan after he went on a local women harassing spree back in 2014 and more recently RooshV, a known pro-misogyny thought leader, occasionally make headlines. Really classy guys.

Julien Blanc PUA

RooshV PUA

Are these the people you want to emulate?

At first I chose to ignore this pretending I never saw it but after eating a quarter tub of ice cream to settle my conscience I felt my moral standards take control and an overwhelming urge to publish this monstrosity of impotent male rage. My horoscope even confirmed I was “wrestling with a tricky situation” which convinced me I couldn’t sit back while this injustice took place.

Disguising hate speech against women as just “guys being guys” is NOT free speech!

Sorry not sorry.

Thought crimes like the one perpetuated by the young man below will set us back another 100 years and only affirm the oppressive patriarchy dominated by heteronormative white males (aka the system responsible for spearheading the downward spiral of this once great country).

So without further ado, here this is the filth polluting the minds of the young men who look to these people as role models (with my comments in bold):

Note: I blurred information which could be used to track down the site. We do NOT want these guys to get more followers. Similar to how news reporters covering shooters inspire copycats. Yes, I think ahead, credit my college education and degree in psychology.

Meninist gets destroyed

I must say as a modern day civil rights activist I find this extremely concerning.

So let me get this straight… guys are now going around tricking women with mental disorders and low self-esteem into believing there in serious relationships but really there just “practice gfs”?

And they’re encouraging others to do the same?

And no one sees anything wrong with this?

What would our parents think about this? Or our parents’ parents?

Someone get me a time machine.

We can’t give PUAs a safe space online if all their going to do is plot ways to get back at women for getting rejected by their high school crush. It’s time to grow up.

Ladies I encourage you, send a message to these creeps and to the misguided young men who fell for their scam that we aren’t objects to be used for their amusement.

PUA gurus enjoy touring the world and gathering crowds as if they’re some kind of rockstars when really most of them are cult leaders and belong in jail.

If you ever hear about one of these events going on in your area let your local representatives know that these people are NOT welcome and you don’t EVER want them stepping ground in your town/city/country again.

Activism is back in style and we’re going to let these jerks get a little taste of some girl power (with the help of our supportive, emotionally sensitive guy friends of course =).

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